Approved by World Chess Federation FIDE
(since Congress Paris 1995, re-endorsed 2018)

Administration and organization of chess tournaments
(for Windows 7, 8 and 10/11, 32/64 Bit)

Swiss System, Round Robins
Knockout tournaments (with or without Swiss System)
Keizer system, Amsterdam system, Scheveningen system
Individual and Team Tournaments
League administration with team player results


    dot.gif (917 Byte)Is the complete tournament administration program for all involved in the organization, administration, evaluation and publication of chess tournaments. It can be used in the same way by FIDE tournament organizers and by organizers of rapid chess opens or club tournaments.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Manages up to 998 players and 25 rounds in Swiss System tournaments, up to 80 players in Round Robins, and up to 200 players per team withup to 80 players per match.Team tournaments can be carried out with or without managing of team players (backup players, latecomers, etc.).
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Amsterdam system tournaments can be played up to 400 rounds max. Scheveningen system tournaments with up to 80 players per team.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Swiss System tournaments and Round Robins can be played with several games per round. Round Robins can also be played with several cycles.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Swiss System pairings can be determined according to the standard FIDE rules, the accelerated pairing system or with further subgroups.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Knockout tournaments can be organized with or without Swiss System tournament for the players having lost.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Keizer system tournaments can be organized with different settings for special points (forfeit,...).
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Takes into account the latest FIDE rules and is recommended by the arbiters of the German Chess Association.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Is especially useful for rapid chess tournaments due to its fast and flexible input possibilities.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Enables you to enter results directly into cross-tables in Round Robin tournaments (important for rapid tournaments).
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Has extended ranking list determination possibilities (Berlin rating, direct comparison) and allows manual (subsequent) displacements in the ranking lists in some special cases.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Ranking lists determination by normal score rating or the three points rule or by individual score rating.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Determines (unofficial) tournament evaluations according to NRV/ELO and FIDE title norms and enables transferring the data for official NRV evaluation using ELOBASE / MIVIS or ELO evaluations by the FIDE.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Simplifies the quick registration of the player data by using background data files (National or FIDE player data lists). The cost-free files can be downloaded directly from the internet.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Individual background data files (player data) can also be created in a simple and prompt manner.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Offers extensive special ranking lists according to NRV/ELO groups, player attributes or age groups. The selection criteria can be specified with individual names (also in various combinations) and can be saved for further use. The sane criteria are also used for selections within the player list.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Allows corrections at any time, also for the rounds already played. Results from earlier rounds can also be changed directly in the player or team form. Latecomers and players which do not finish the tournament can be handled without problems (late pairings automatic).
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Enables you to output the player pairing data into a PGN file. You can output the pairing data for further use with database programs for chess games, such as ChessBase, NIC-Base, etc.
    A database is created containing all necessary data (player names, tournament place, rating, result, etc.) with the exception of moves. This database can then be opened and processed (inputting moves) with an appropriate program.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Creates extensive data outputs for all necessary lists, forms, tables and pairing cards.
    They can be changed and saved easily according to individual requirements. Along with the font and font size, page orientation or margins, the separate table columns, too, can be specified in their width, alignment and positioning (incl. output compression). Additionally, you can specify whether all data of a list or only parts of it should be output into the printer, a text file or as a page preview. For example, cross-tables can be copied into a clipboard as a bitmap graphic for further processing with other programs.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Enables you to generate lists and tables in HTML format. This allows a simple import of the tournament data into a HTML document for a prompt publication in the Internet.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Very fast publication of all relevant tournament data on the Internet, even if there is no own homepage or own webmaster.
    The tournament data is sent directly from the program to chess servers, which provide this data directly on the Internet!
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Data transfer to the international chess server "\”. It is a chess server that publishes all tournaments in a uniform format.
    All tournament data is quick and easy to see.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Data transfer to the chess server used mainly in German-speaking countries "". This chess server allows a very fast and personalized setting of tournament data on the Internet.
    In addition, the tournament data can also be forwarded and displayed directly from the chess server "" on own websites!
    dot.gif (917 Byte) An additional report generator (layout program) is available to fulfill some special requirements, such as integration of individual graphics (club logo), certificate or texts. The hereby created lists / cards can also be exported in different formats (HTML, PDF, EXCEL, RTF,..) for direct processing with office programs or for publishing in the Internet.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) The program can be started several times for a fast exchange between several tournament groups. With different background colours the overview remains easy.
    dot.gif (917 Byte) Additionally offers:
    pairing tracking anytime due to the pairing visualization -different pairing procedures with various options -pairing lists outputs can be provided with individual headings (date information, etc.) -manual pairings setting before or after a automatic pairing -team rating in Swiss System tournament for individuals -test and consideration of club and federation equality at the pairing determination -search for player names possible in all the lists -simple data exchange with other programs using text files (data base programs, etc.) -winning games rating in team tournaments -detailed manual as PDF file, and much more.
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