Program update

From this page the current program version can be downloaded as an update.

Version: 8.97
(Update only for CD-versions from 8.03 on)

The update to the new version (information here) is available as a difference update. This means that this update can only be used if a full version (from version 8.03) of the program was installed before on the destination computer.


First save the update file in a download folder of your hard disk. Then you can start the install program directly from this folder by running the EXE file. After the start of the install program enters the same destination folder where your current program files for WinSwiss are (Default: C:\WINSWISS-8). Only the files of the previous version will be overwritten. Your files and / or settings remain unchanged. The installation does not affect the existing licencing.

Program version for Windows XP/Vista/Win-7 to Win-10 (32/64 Bit) (Version: 8.97)

disk.gif (998 Byte) Difference update (from 8.03 to 8.97) (SETUP-WINSWISS-803-897.EXE)

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